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Servicing Sarpy, Douglas, and Cass county.

We're Omaha's greenest sanitation company. Our mission is to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill by offering the most efficient composting and recycling programs in the region. Help us keep Nebraska beautiful.

Residential Recycling Calendar

As you may have read, the cost of recycling has increased industry-wide. We will now be charging a total of $12.50/month for the service going forward. The fee for recycling will be a separate line item on your next invoice, so you’ll see exactly how the charges break down. To get caught up on the conversation, check the explainer video we made with Hillside Solutions.

Starting August 5th 2019, as part of our new recycling program, we’re switching from weekly to every-other-week pickup. According to our research, our 96-gallon container will suffice most families on this new schedule. But if you have a large family or you’re a superstar recycler, the good news is that we can provide an additional container for $6.25/month.

What’s your new pickup schedule? Here’s how to find out …

  1. For most people, your day of the week won’t change, just the frequency from weekly to every-other-week.

  2. On the map below, click on the area that you live in to open a pop-up box. If needed, use the + and - symbols in the bottom left hand corner to zoom.

  3. In that box, you’ll see your day of the week and which on-off-week you have.

  4. To keep track of this going forward, if you’re savvy with technology, scroll down in the pop-up box to see links to add this calendar to your devices using iCal or Google maps.

  5. If you want a low-tech option, click on the calendar and it will open a photo gallery within your pop-up box. Click on the arrow to the inner-right of the image to scroll through the months.

Still need some help or would like to order an additional tote? Send an email to with your questions, feedback, or needs.


Wanna know why recycling has changed? Watch this.